October 20-22, Downtown, Helena, MT



Below is a list of volunteer shifts for building the sculptures and running the event.

The building of the sculptures will take place Tuesday, October 10- Thursday, October 19.

The event will run Friday, October 20-Sunday, October 22nd.

Please provide your name and contact information, and let us know how you would like to be involved.
Name E-mail Phone Number
Tuesday, October 10th, @ Lion Building & Holter Museum of Art
8am-1pm. @ Lion Building. Creating "Aspens" for Aspen Adult Services.
4pm-9pm. @ Holter. Creating "Starry Night" for Holter Museum of Art
Wednesday, October 11th @ Double Tree & The Confluence TapWorks
8am-1pm. @ DoubleTree. Creating "Flower Garden" for YWCA
4pm-9pm. @ Confluence. Creating "I Love Helena" for Helena Area Community Foundation.
Thursday, October 12th, @ Ten Mile Creek Brewery
8am-11am. Creating " Many Rivers..." for Many Rivers Whole Health"
2pm-9pm. Creating "Cleaning the House" for Last Chance Curling Club
Friday, October 13th @ Helena Indian Alliance
8am-1pm, Creating "Turtle Power" for Helena Indian Alliance
4pm-9pm, Creating "Healthy Helena" for PureView Healthy Center
Saturday, October 14th, @ DoubleTree Hotel (basement)
8am-1pm. Creating "Helena Firetower" for Downtown Helena Inc.
4pm-9pm. Creating "Wild(cat) Driver" for Kessler Elementary PTO
Sunday, October 15th @ DoubleTree Hotel (basement)
8am-1pm. Creating "Forest Friends" for Prickly Peat Land Trust.
4pm-9pm. Creating "Give a Hand Up" For Helena Food Share.
Monday, October 16th @ Exploration Works
8am-1pm. Creating "Fly, Helena, Fly" for Helena Air Service Alliance.
4pm-9pm. Creating "Skull Rock" for Exploration Works
Tuesday, October 17th @ DoubleTree Hotel (basement)
8am-10am. Creating "Balloonited Way" for United Way LCA
1pm-4pm. Creating "Balloonited Way" for United Way
4pm-9pm. Creating "Our Compliments to the Chef" for Boyscout Troop 1228
Wednesday, October 18th @ DoubleTree Hotel (basement)
8am-1pm. Creating "The Learning Tree" For Free Roots A.L.C.
4pm-9pm. Creating "Bride and Friends" for The Friendship Center
Thursday, October 19th @ DoubleTree Hotel (basement)
8am-1pm. Creating "Barking for Joy" for Helena Area Friends of Pets"
4pm-9pm. Creating "Ride the Cyclone" for Helena Cyclones
Friday, October 20th @ Performance Square
8am-4pm. Setting up signs, Moving balloon creations outdoors, organizing raffle items
4pm - 8pm. Selling raffle tickets @ Performance Square
Saturday, October 21st @ Performance Square
8am - Noon. Selling raffle tickets @ performance square
Noon-4pm. Selling raffle tickets @ performance square
4pm - 8pm. Selling raffle tickets @ Performance square.
Sunday, October 22nd @ Performance Square
8am - Noon. Selling raffle tickets @ performance square
Noon - 4 pm. Selling raffle tickets @ performance square
4pm - Raffle Ticket Counters - count how much money each organization collected
5pm - Balloon & sign take down
6pm - Balloon popping party and event clean up